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First workshop 2/5/2015

Hello all,

We had our first workshop yesterday. This group started with 7 girls and will be adding more next session. The workshops are supposed to be one session 3 hours but these girls were so interested in all that I had to say about the book and life skills in general they asked for me to come back. So I will be conducting more workshops with them. My fear and blessing in disguise is that I have a feeling each group (12) will want more sessions. We’ll see how that goes. Whatever help they need I want to be available to assist them. Sometimes all they need is someone to open up to.

Here is to many teens that you have a part in making a difference in their life. xoxoxoxo THANK YOU.

YMCS Lauderhill


FREE ebook 2/9-2/13 DONATA: In the Mind of a Victim

TEEN DATING VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH is a excellent time to make this book available for all to be able to download for free. Such an important message for all to read but more importantly to start the conversation on relationships and self empowerment. Please download this book and share with your social media friends and family. Empower them xoxo.

DONATA: In the Mind of a Victim

FREE ebook

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Domestic Violence Workshop

October 20, 2012, Donata Joseph, Founder of Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation conducted 3 workshops with children ages 8 – 18 during Domestic Violence Awareness month. In this workshop, she spoke about her story of surviving an abuse relationship of 7 years. It was amazing to see the kids/teens asking so many questions on why she stayed so long, what her thought process was during the relationship and more. The education needs to start earlier for our youth.

Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation’s mission is to encourage, empower and elevate individuals and families with resources that will improve their overall mental and emotional wellness. Our Foundation offers several programs to individuals from all walks of life. Through our programs women, men and teens are challenged to work on deep core issues in hopes of healing from the inside out. Our programs and events focus on challenges from everyday life where we put our E³ (Encourage • Empower • Elevate) spin on it.

The foundation believes that it takes hard work and unity to impact our community. Therefore, we have created several partnerships with other agencies, faith based organizations and schools in the Tri County Area of (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties). Through these partnerships we have been able to connect with various organizations and make an impact one person at a time. One of our collaborations has resulted in our Annual Women’s Empowerment Expo during Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Adding Doses of HOPE Daily looks to continue making connections with different organizations to empower our families as a unit and especially our youth. Our youth are our future, we aspire to build their character and give them the confidence they need to face every aspect of their lives. Allow us to E³ you, your organization or your teen(s).

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