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Breast Cancer Awareness – October

So here it is… every year I’ve always focused the month of October on Domestic Violence Awareness and really never did anything around Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s been heavy on my heart to do something this week so I started a kickstarter campaign. With your pledge we will be able to purchase ingredients to make 1000+ Klean Boobs soaps :). Yessssss!!! We will be blessing survivors and warriors of breast cancer with vegan soaps shaped as a boob :).

I can’t imagine how hard it is to fight this battle. I only witness it from afar as my mom passed away 12 years ago from her battle. Doing something whether big or small to put a smile on the faces of women everyday facing this battle will bring a smile to all those that take  part. Please take a moment to look at our campaign. Any amount is truly appreciated. “Klean Boobs” Breast Cancer Awareness Soaps also please share with others.

** pictured below is our domestic violence and breast cancer awareness ribbon soaps. We will have pictures for our Klean Boobs soaps soon and will post them when we do.

Thank you. xo Donata





flyer 2

How many of us are bound by our daily life struggles… whether it’s relational, mental or health. You just can’t bring yourself to be FREE, Mind • Body • Spirit. It’s time to celebrate the essence of life, allow FREEDOM to look good on YOU.

Mingling and networking from 5:30pm – 6:00pm. The first 5 people to register will receive a pamper gift from DONATA. All proceeds from this event will be donated to Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation.

It’s time for a make over starting from within :).

We can’t wait to see you! Save your spot NOW. Can’t make it, give a love donation :).

xoxo – Donata Joseph
Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation

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“Who knew that little butterfly-shaped thyroid gland at the base of our necks could affect our lives so completely???” by @hypothroidmom
Sooooo I’ve had hypothyroidism for a lil while now but NEVER knew that all this eating clean was making my symptoms worse. My system is completely out of wack all the things I love Kale, Spinach, Cabbage, Soy, Strawberries, Peanuts and a hell of a lot more things that I ate constantly I should decrease/eliminate.
There are up to 300 million thyroid sufferers worldwide,  over 150 million thyroid sufferers have no idea they suffer from a thyroid condition. As I embark on this new journey of finding out what the hell I can eat, I’ll share my trials and triumphs with you. For now no gym for me until I can get my system back on track.
Follow my journey on instagram @msdjae where at times I’ll post what I eat and if it’s helping the symptoms or not. This should be fun lol.

“Use the darkness of your past to propel you to a brighter future.” – Donata Joseph

The Plank Abs Exercise: 3 Variations

I’m gonna stick with Mark Perry and use his explanation on how to plank and the different variations…

The Plank is a classic abs exercise that can help beginners develop some core strength and more advanced exercisers burnout the entire abs complex at the end of a tough abs workout. I have a video below with 3 variations of the plank that you can use to help develop more core strength. I also have more detailed descriptions below the video with even more variations and some ideas on how to incorporate the plank in your workout. …. MORE

Let’s gooooo!!!

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How to Use Proper Squat Technique: 7 Tips

I enjoyed the way he explained the way to position your body correctly, watch the video and keep this image in your mind. If you have to practice a few times before the challege do so, just be sure you are doing it correctly.

Squats are the KING of all exercises because they are a “functional” exercise that affect your ability to live a full, healthy life. Anything from getting out of a chair, to squatting down to pick something off the floor requires squat strength. Especially as we get older, proper squat technique is absolutely critical to maintain health and longevity.

The biggest problem with proper squat form is not having enough mobility in your hips, legs, and upper back. For more detail, see: How to Increase Squat Depth & How Deep Should You Squat. The following video gives you 7 basic tips to squat with perfect form every time assuming you have enough mobility: TIPS … 



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