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Women of Purpose #3

I am so excited. Yesterday I got to meet with the 3rd group and these ladies where amazing. But what really stood out to me is that the mentors along with the girls got so much out of the workshop. You could feel the room was being empowered. Let’s just say you never know how something affects you from childhood until someone talks about it and it brings you to tears. Sometimes as adults we go through so much, things affect us in different ways and we don’t understand why. Childhood drama if not dealt with will affect the choices you make in your adult life. I’m so happy that I was able to meet with this group yesterday and to see how my story empowered so many.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s program 2/14/2015.

Women of Purpose 1

Women of Purpose 2


First workshop 2/5/2015

Hello all,

We had our first workshop yesterday. This group started with 7 girls and will be adding more next session. The workshops are supposed to be one session 3 hours but these girls were so interested in all that I had to say about the book and life skills in general they asked for me to come back. So I will be conducting more workshops with them. My fear and blessing in disguise is that I have a feeling each group (12) will want more sessions. We’ll see how that goes. Whatever help they need I want to be available to assist them. Sometimes all they need is someone to open up to.

Here is to many teens that you have a part in making a difference in their life. xoxoxoxo THANK YOU.

YMCS Lauderhill

FREE ebook 2/9-2/13 DONATA: In the Mind of a Victim

TEEN DATING VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH is a excellent time to make this book available for all to be able to download for free. Such an important message for all to read but more importantly to start the conversation on relationships and self empowerment. Please download this book and share with your social media friends and family. Empower them xoxo.

DONATA: In the Mind of a Victim

FREE ebook

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FREEDOM looks good on me!


How many of us are bound by our daily life struggles… whether it’s relational, mental or health. You just can’t bring yourself to be FREE, Mind • Body • Spirit. It’s time to celebrate the essence of life, allow FREEDOM to look good on YOU.

Mingling and networking from 6 – 6:30pm. The first 5 people to register will receive a pamper gift from DONATA. All proceeds from this event will be donated to Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation.

It’s time for a make over starting from within :).

We can’t wait to see you! Save your spot NOW. Can’t make it, give a love donation :).

xoxo – Donata Joseph
Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation

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WOW this really explains some things…

WOW this really explains some things I’ve been doing…. ADHD Shame, Why I Hate Being Me #adhdfdn #anxiety #adhd

In this blog this is what hit home the most for me….

wow“One of the worst parts of ADHD for me, is anxiety. I worry. I don’t do it on purpose and I do usually internalize it. Externalizing it only helps in therapy.

When it gets away from me in the real world, it does so as actions, reactions and statements. These things never help, in any situation.

And it does get away …

Two days ago I hurt a good friend by letting my anxiety out. Worse than that, I didn’t let it out by saying I was worried, I let it out by saying I was upset about something she was doing. It didn’t end well, and the reality of it is that it is my anxiety, my burden and she shouldn’t have to deal with it.”

This blog is an eye opener. I know I worry especially with close friends, I hate the fact that I do but I don’t know how to change it. I remember I worked with a co-worker she’s still my very good friend till this day. After both of us moved on to a new job, I remember calling her, she didn’t call back for a few days. I texted her, she didn’t respond….I went into major panic mode. After worrying for hours I realized I had her boyfriend’s # so I called him. LOL she was on vacation in Peru. This is how I’ve always been, now I realize this is something that many with ADHD struggle with. I’m glad I am not alone :-).

-back to what I was working on before being side tracked by this blog ;-).

~ Donata Joseph

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