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I started my natural journey in October 2013 when I started with making my first lotion bar. I wish I could remember the exact date. Had I known this would turn out this way I would have jotted that down :(. I should clarify this journey is skin care natural products. I’ve been on the natural hair journey since December 3, 2011. Yes I did the big chop :). There is no way I’d forget that date. It was a day of deliverance, freedom, liberty… yes I needed all those words to describe how I felt. It was amazing. Yes it’s been hard and I miss the tiny fro. It was shine and go back then. I still will never go back to processed hair. So along with natural hair I’m using all natural products on my skin and it’s AMAZING. I love it. I’m seeing the changes, my skin is glowing now. I don’t HAVE to put on lotion after the shower because my skin is used to being hydrated. I can skip a day, not everyday tho ;).

The story of how making my own natural products will definately be a great blog post in the future. For now I just wanted to share my shop’s information so you can try these amazing goodies on your body.

lavender                                                                                            Lucsious Lavender

Just a preview of all the good stuff we have in our shop….

-Donata xo

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