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It’s been a long time since I have been on my personal blog but all is not lost… I’ve been updating the foundation’s blog on all the work we’ve been doing in the community. Take a look ADHDFDN.

Of course it’s never a dull moment with me. I always have a ton of ideas flowing through my mind to empower others. I am looking forward to announcing what I have brewing for Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is probably the first time I am doing something really special around breast cancer awareness. I have always focused the month of October for Domestic Violence Awareness but this month I’ll work on both :/. Yes October will be a busy month. Stay tuned… I’m excited!


Saving My Kids from School

Saving My Kids from School #adhdfdn #parenttips


When ADHD Adult Symptoms Get in the Way:

When ADHD Adult Symptoms Get in the Way: Relationship Problems and Solutions #adhdfdn #marriagetips #relationshiptips #e3yourself

Edward Hallowell on Daring to Forgive

Edward Hallowell on Daring to Forgive Your Attention Deficit Spouse #adhdfdn #e3yourself #ADHD

The Pulse of Life

The Pulse of Life #adhdfdn #e3yourself #life

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