DONATA: In the Mind of a Victim

hardcover book lookYessss, I’ve finally birth this book. Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith, NO questions asked and just do it. This book will impact the lives of millions…

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Do you have more than 3 friends on social media? Then be sure you share this with others. 1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 3 teens, will be, have been or are currently in an abusive relationship… Let’s help break the silence!

ABOUT THE BOOK In this soul-bearing book, Donata Joseph reveals why she stayed in a seven-year abusive relationship and the incident that motivated her to leave. She talks honestly about the judgmental remarks elicited from family and friends who did not understand the emotional, familial and financial complexity of her situation or why she did not recognize herself as a victim. In a heart-wrenching chapter, Ms. Joseph discusses the impact her abusive relationship had on her two teen daughters and young son and the ensuing parent-child conversations that changed all of their lives. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, consider recommending this book. Ms. Joseph wraps up her knowledge, wisdom and advice in a non-threatening package delivered with compassion and understanding.


“Wow this is a powerful book! This message will truly help those that have had a similar experience but even more to the ones outside looking in.” – Dana Domingue-Campbell

“I am sitting here reflecting on how brave you are to share your story with all.” – Kim Austin

“This powerful story will serve as the motivating-factor for those bound by their thoughts, to seek freedom.” – Antwan Carling

cropped-bio-pix.jpgABOUT THE AUTHOR Donata Joseph is a motivational speaker who is passionate about encouraging, empowering and elevating individuals in all walks of life. Whether it’s through her non-profit organization Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation or through her all natural skincare line DONATA, she endeavors to make an impact on the lives of others.

“Use the darkness of your past to propel you to a brighter future.” – Donata Joseph


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