Updated about me

So I updated my about page for my blog as we are always growing, changing and doing new things :).

About Donata… ummmm there are so many parts of me and so much I want to do to touch the lives of millions. I started to take different roads to tackle different aspects of people lives using different channels but that caused me to lose track. Being ADHD that is so easy to fall into being “all over the place” mode 24/7. So I’m going to bring it all together here. Although I started this blog just to be about my life and ADHD there are so many other things I love to talk about. So I’m bringing all of me to you via … Mind • Body • Spirit :).

What do I do when I’m not blogging I started DONATA which is a natural product line. So far we make all natural soaps, lotions, creams, scrubs, salves and will be adding more products to the line over the years. One day I’ll blog on how all that came about, it’s a crazy story. Then I have the foundation Adding Doses of HOPE Daily which I started in 2010. I love being able to give back to the community and helping others especially our teens. So this pretty much sums me up :).

-Donata xo


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