How to Use Proper Squat Technique: 7 Tips

I enjoyed the way he explained the way to position your body correctly, watch the video and keep this image in your mind. If you have to practice a few times before the challege do so, just be sure you are doing it correctly.

Squats are the KING of all exercises because they are a “functional” exercise that affect your ability to live a full, healthy life. Anything from getting out of a chair, to squatting down to pick something off the floor requires squat strength. Especially as we get older, proper squat technique is absolutely critical to maintain health and longevity.

The biggest problem with proper squat form is not having enough mobility in your hips, legs, and upper back. For more detail, see: How to Increase Squat Depth & How Deep Should You Squat. The following video gives you 7 basic tips to squat with perfect form every time assuming you have enough mobility: TIPS … 



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