Being consistent…. YEAH!!!!

Those of you that’s read my blogs from way back when knows that I am the QUEEN at being inconsistent…. well I have FINALLY stuck to an exercise routine. YEAH ME!!! No seriously, THIS IS BIG. For years I start working out for 30 days, see results then stop all together. I let a few months go by then feel the urge to start working out again. I go in full force for a month or two then stop again. I’m talking years of this same mind set. In November, I decided to start again, my ONLY goal for the first 3 months was to get my a$$ to the gym 3-4 times a week. I didn’t care what I did, how long I worked out for, I just had to get there. In February, I added a training program to start running, an app called C25k. I’m still struggling with it because I am not being as consistent as I should. As soon as it started to get hard I backed off. Now I’ve decided it’s ok if I have to repeat a week or two of the training…. JUST DON’T QUIT!!! Are you starting to see the picture? I am taking babysteps and in doing so I keep going verses going in really hard just to quit after a while.

Another thing I realized is doing the same machine/weights/routine over and over again resulted in ZERO changes. Your muscles get used to the same routine and already knows exactly what you’ll do, for how long and at what speed/weight. Mix things up… add weights, do upper body one day and lower body another, vice versa. On the Elliptical don’t go in the forward motion the whole time, throw in some backward pedaling you’ll feel the difference in the muscles you use. Switch up your speed…. fast, slow, extremely fast, slow and so on. That changes the heart rate also.

Can’t get to the gym all the time, download a few apps from your phone… I have the Leg Workout, Ab Trainer X, Butt Workout, Squats and Butt Lift, my #1 favorite Fitness Buddy. Do I use all of them no, but when I can’t get to the gym I do either use my apps or the videos I’ve recorded on my DVR.

What’s my point??? GET MOVING, start 3-4 times a week and if you’ve become addicted you’ll be going 5-6 times a week. Be sure if you are going to the gym or working out 6 times a week, at the most. You’re body will need a rest day. Rest day in between the muscles you workout also. Don’t forget stretch, stretch, stretch.

Ok, this was a few tips from one beginner to another…… LET’S GET STARTED!!!

Look out for my blogs on Squats and Planks, the correct form…. also follow me on instagram @msdjae for the month of May’s Plank and Squat Challenge. See you there 🙂

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If you’re gonna do it, do it correctly from the beginning!


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